Dalai Lama Cancels 2018 Plans, Any Chance He Will Rescind This Decision?

It can not be doubted that The Dalai Lama is always out to do good, but his next move is always unpredictable. The entire world had thought, for instance, that he would spend 2018 touring the world, but he has changed his plans as early as January.

Word came out on January 16 that his Holiness was canceling most of his overseas trips in 2018, including one to the United States. It now remains to be seen what will take up The Dalai Lama’s year. If bookmakers were to generate odds for the spiritual leader’s next moves, they’d really have a lot of combinations.

Is he going to make yet another turn and decide to tour the world after all? Odds are high that a major happening in some part of the world could motivate the Dalai Lama to move again. But, to begin with, what are the chances of such an event occurring? But as with many things in life it seems very unlikely until it actually happen, at which point it might be too late. So a strong advice would be to take care of the things that might happen before it’s to late, company such as www.holmsecurity.com can be of great help in many cases of unlikely online events.

Also, even if he wanted to, what are the chances that his physicians would approve of the decision? The Dalai Lama has previously canceled trips for health purposes and has himself admitted that he gets exhausted from flying around than he did before.

The Dalai Lama’s huge following definitely has an edge that would invite many gamblers to place stakes on his next course of action.

It would be an interesting scenario to see the odds stacking for or against a certain Dalai Lama gamble. His incorruptible nature would mean that a lot of punters would get in due to the assurance of an ‘unfixable match.’

With or without bookmakers’ odds, the Dalai Lama’s schedule for the year remains an issue of great public interest.