The modern world is a strange place where leaders are elected through democracy and polls to administer countries and to take decisions on constituents’ behalf.

In the East, things are different. Tibet has always been in conflict with China over its way of life and the belief in the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, the teacher or mentor of the Yellow Hat School of Tibetan Buddhism.

While the reality of the Dalai Lama is that he is the head of the exiled Tibetan Government in India, he is also a source of inspiration for millions, if not billions of people around the world.

He has delivered countless speeches and lectures around the world. While he will occasionally make reference to the situation of Tibet, which was absorbed by force by China in the 1950s, his teachings often focus on the everyday concepts and worries.

The Dalai Lama espouses compassion and love towards other beings and he is also a great believer in propagating knowledge or philosophy in regards to creating self-happiness and the ability to live in the now.

On these pages, readers will find ample resources about the Dalai Lama himself, a history of the institution as well as current issues which face it, including the possibility of the next reincarnation being a woman.

While the undertones can be political, a great deal of weight is put behind compassion, love and tolerance being the fundamental building blocks for a sustainable way of life. The teachings may be centuries old, but they still hold true today, and even more so in a vastly changed world from when the first Dalai Lama was teaching.